When is church4kids on?

Church4kids runs concurrently with church each Sunday of school term-time. During school holidays, we usually run either an abridged version of our kids’ program or encourage kids to participate in the adult service with the support of activity sheets.

When do the children go out to church4kids?

We encourage kids to participate in the first part of our church service before church4kids begins. During that time, they can join in singing, praying and hearing what’s happening in the life of our church family. The service leader will then direct them to head downstairs to the kids’ programs with their teachers.  You are more than welcome to help settle your children in to church4kids. Once they’re comfortable, please make the most of the opportunity of others teaching your kids to join in with the church service.

Where does church4kids meet?

Our church4kids groups meet in 2 separate locations. The Bumblebees (ages 2-5) meet in the hall, directly behind the church building. When the kids are directed to head out to church4kids, we ask you to walk your child downstairs to the basement, and then follow the ‘bee trail’ through the external door (furthest from the driveway) and out to the hall. Please sign your child in and introduce them to the teachers. The Dragonflies (prep – grade 1), Beetles (grades 2 – 3) and Redbacks (grades 4-6) all meet downstairs in the carpeted basement of the church building. They begin with a group time altogether, and then separate into their different age groups – all within the basement area.

What does my child need to bring?

There is no need to bring anything. Bibles are provided for those who are able to read, though your child is welcome to bring their own Bible if they wish.

Who will be teaching my child?

Your child will be cared for by a carefully selected and trained group of leaders from within our church family. Our teachers are faithful Christians who are committed to providing a safe and engaging learning environment for children. All of them hold blue cards from the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, and have undertaken ChildSafe (child protection) training.
You can find a copy of our child protection policy here.

What happens when church4kids finishes?

Church4kids usually finishes around the same time as our church service, though occasionally it may continue for a few minutes longer. Once the lesson is finished, the teachers will bring the children upstairs to join the rest of the church family for morning tea. You are also welcome to come downstairs and observe the end of the lesson once the service is finished.  In the case of the Bumblebees (ages 2-5), please collect your child from the hall and sign them out at the end of the service.

How can I help?

If your children are new to church4kids, you are very welcome to help them settle in by introducing them to their teacher and staying with them for a short period if needed.  To help us provide a safe and caring environment for your child, we ask you to complete a contact details form. This is available either from your child’s teacher or here. The form asks you for contact details, any relevant medical conditions and privacy permissions. Please return the form to the teachers as soon as you are able.

Are there church4kids activities outside Sundays?

Throughout the year, we run a variety of events aimed at deepening the kids’ relationships with one another and with their leaders, as well as giving opportunities to invite others to get to know us and consider coming along to church4kids. We have enjoyed activities such as games afternoons in the park, bike rides, games and pizza nights etc.

Will my child be eating at church4kids?

The Bumblebees (ages 2-5) enjoy a small morning tea at the beginning of their time together. This will usually be a couple of (nut-free) biscuits and a drink of water, which will all be provided by the Bumblebees teacher. We have found having a small snack is helpful to enable the younger children to concentrate for the rest of their program.The older children generally won’t eat anything during church4kids, but to ensure we’re able to keep your children safe, please let the teachers know if your child has any food allergies and note this on the contact details form.

What about changing nappies and toilet training?

Please let the Bumblebees teachers know what stage your child is at regarding toilet training. If your child needs to go to the toilet during Bumblebees, their teacher will take them to the toilets underneath the hall, unless you indicate to us that you would prefer to take them yourself.  Our Bumblebees leaders will leave parents with the responsibility of changing nappies. A change table is available in the hall where Bumblebees is held, and another one is located in the parents’ room in the church auditorium. There are also wipes available in the Bumblebees cupboard if needed. As a matter of hygiene, please put dirty nappies in the wheelie bin outside the church.

Can my child/ren stay with me in church?

Your children are welcome to stay in church and listen to the talk if you would prefer. We would just ask that you encourage them to concentrate and participate in the service, to enable others in our church family to do the same.

Any other questions?

If you have any queries about church4kids, please don’t hesitate to talk with our teachers. You are also welcome to contact the church4kids coordinator.